Test Equipment

In addition to full-service network planning and management, we provide test equipment for network operators, security labs, and IoT developers. For ordering information please complete the web form at the end of the page. We usually provide a quotation within one working day. Single-unit pricing is given on the individual product pages.

The LabKit – an LTE or GSM network on your bench

The LabKit is a full-function LTE eNodeB that can be operated in any band up to 2.6 GHz, FDD or TDD. It can be used with any EPC or with our cloud-based EPC subscription service. It can also be operated in GSM/GPRS mode.

Typical use cases include:

  • testing roaming interconnections and routing
  • testing handset compatibility with apps and network features
  • functional testing of handsets and IoT systems
  • security testing with threat reproduction
  • MAC-level traces of handset and application behavior

We also provide these accessories to support LabKit use:

  • Rooted Android handset. The normal LabKit includes two standard Android handsets, but some developers may prefer a “rooted” device.
  • Cable set for direct connections to modem devices. This is a set of cables, splitters, and attenuators for connecting a LabKit directly to the antenna ports on a modem module, hotspot, or other device with an external antenna connector.
  • Extra SIMs. Every LabKit includes 10 SIMs preprogrammed into our cloud-based EPC and with full data for import into your own EPC, but additional SIMs are available if you need them.

For blog articles on specific use examples, click here.

For more detailed information on the product, including pricing, click here.

EPC Options

Legba offers two EPC options:

  • Cloud EPC. This is a subscription service using an EPC hosted and managed by Legba. It is the simplest and fastest way to get started.
  • Standalone EPC. This is a separate EPC appliance that sits in the same LAN with your LabKit. This choice allows you to completely control the network configuration, including PLMN, and keeps your signaling local to your network.


All of our products include six months of free support. After six months, support contracts are available.

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