Connecting the SatSite to NetPing

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  1. Plug NetPing to power supply with voltage of 110V – 220V and a frequency of 50/60 Hz.
  2. Connect NetPing to your PC.
    1. Glowing LED near a corresponding Ethernet port on a front panel means that a connection is successfully established.
    2. The second Ethernet port may be used to plug any Ethernet devices including other NetPing devices, in a chain.
  3. Assign the PC static IP address in the range /24 (except the IP
  4. Access NetPing Web interface (
  5. Use the default (User name: visor & Password: ping)
  6. From the settings, change the IP to be part of your local network.
  7. Connect Netping Ethernet to your local network switch and access its web interface with the local IP
  8. Connect test equipment to the power (NetPing doesn’t recommend connecting the target device directly and they recommend using test device first).
  9. Try power cycling the test equipment
  10. Upon successful testing, plug the SatSite power to PWR sockets on a back panel of the NetPing.
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