Private LTE/5G Networks Around the World

This article is about the state of the LTE/5G private network market, world-wide. From a regulation standpoint, there are two types of private networks: true private network – Installed and operated independently by the owner. This requires the owner to have legal access to spectrum, and there are several ways that can happen. pseudo-private network – Installed and operated by an incumbent MNO, but providing special service to a particular customer. This can be done through network slicing, or through an arrangement technically equivalent to an MVNO. These terms “true” and “pseudo” are not official terms, but used for clarity …

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Why You Need a Private LTE/5G Network

Various analysis reports place the value of the private network market at around $3.5B in 2020 and growing at about 13% per year. Where are these networks and what are they used for? And why do customers install them? In a different article, we addressed the question of where these networks are and what industries are using them. In this article, we look at the advantages of private LTE/5G networks over other technologies. Use Cases We will start with the assumption that you have a “use case” for a large-scale wireless network. You have a lot of devices, equipment, monitoring …

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Getting Your LTE/5G Private Network

So you have decided that a private LTE or 5G network is right for you. We are ready to take you through the process. The Steps Our role is to plan, install, and operate your network so that you can focus on running your business. Here are the steps. 1 – Scoping We collect the basic information about your project, such as: Where is your project located? What is your current license status, if any? What sort of area do you need to cover? Indoor? Outdoor? Ground cover? Structures? How many devices do you need to support? What are the …

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