Month: January 2021

The SatSite Basestation and Shipboard IoT

This article tells how the Legba SatSite is an exceptional choice for a low-cost, single-box DCSA IoT data gateway on a vessel (as described in Section 3.1 of “IoT Container Standards: IoT Standard for Gateway Connectivity Interfaces“). What is a “data gateway on vessel”? The DCSA IoT architecture defines a gateway as an entity that connects the “internal interfaces” of the cargo containers (radio interfaces) to the “external interfaces” of the IoT management system (IP or other data interfaces). These gateways are intended to support specific “use cases”: on land, at specific transition points (“events”, like customs clearance), used with …

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“Local Breakout” in GPRS

This article describes the “local breakout” function in YateBTS/OpenBTS GPRS cells, where user IP traffic originates directly from the cell site instead of from a centralized GGSN in the core network. Standard GPRS Architecture The standard GPRS data network has these parts: BTS – the actual radio basestation, which handles user traffic up to layer 2 BSC – the basestation controller, which handles layer 3 for multiple BTS units BSS – the BSC and the BTS units it controls, together as the “basestation subsystem” SGSN – “serving GPRS support node”, handles authentication and mobility procedures for data connections GGSN – …

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